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 SHE RECOVERS® is an international movement of self-identified women in or seeking recovery from a wide variety of issues, including substance use and eating disorders, other behavioral health issues, trauma, abuse, codependency, cancer, grief, low self-esteem, perfectionism, and other life challenges.


We envision a future where women from diverse backgrounds have the access, resources, support and freedoms necessary to cultivate individualized and holistic pathways in order to find health, sustain long-term recovery, achieve their potential, and help other women to do the same


 SHE RECOVERS® creates welcoming spaces and transformative opportunities – online and in real life – to connect, support and empower recovering women.


 I am the local coordinator for the Victoria, British Columbia Sharing Circle for SHE RECOVERS®. The Sharing Circle meets once a month (usually in the evenings). We gather to talk about what’s on our minds, meet other women, and support and empower each other. Women recovering in all areas of their lives are welcome. The meetings are organized as events through our secret Facebook page and all the details can be found there. If you prefer to contact me personally about these meetings please email me.
































 Victoria Chapter Facebook Group


 The SHE RECOVERS® Victoria Group started in June 2017 with 50 women attending its inaugural event, a Yoga and Connection Workshop. A secret Facebook group that was created to help foster community and connection has now grown to over 150 women in the area. These are women who are connected by their desire for recovery in all areas of their lives. We support each through our sharing circles, workshops, getting together for coffee, going on hikes and holding space for each other on our journeys. You can join our local tribe on Facebook here.

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