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Healing Inner Grief

with Shauna Janz, MA

"We are all recovering from something." ~She Recovers

Date: Saturday, Sept 30, 2017
Time: 1-4pm
Location: 2820 Belmont Ave, Victoria, BC (Victoria School for Ideal Education, studio room)
Cost: $60

When we choose change in our life, such as recovery from substance use, from relationship hardship, or from limiting patterns in our life, this change also comes with transition - the inner process of navigating a new way of being. In this introductory workshop, we will explore soulful approaches to understanding and supporting the grief process through life transitions, gaining insight into fundamental grief needs and holistic strategies for healing.

Shauna Janz is dedicated to bringing the sacred and the community back to healing through grief and life transitions. She offers grief support and trauma-informed facilitation, drawing on the wisdom of ritual and circle traditions. Her educational trainings focus on reclaiming heart-centered and soulful approaches to supporting others with dignity and meaning. Audiences have included non-profit organizations, government, First Nation communities, higher learning institutions, school district teams, and rural communities across BC.

Exploring Financial Recovery

with Linda Parmar, CMC

"We learn from and make peace with our past so that we can live fully in the present." ~She Recovers

Date: Saturday, Oct 14, 2017
Time: 1-4pm
Location: 2820 Belmont Ave, Victoria, BC (Victoria School for Ideal Education, studio room)
Cost: $60

In this workshop we will explore our relationship with money. We will look at how money has affected our lives, what the energy of money was when growing up, what our current behaviours and patterns with money are and the processes of how to change them where needed. We will also celebrate any patterns and behaviours that have been used to gain financial success. This workshop will all be held in a loving, non-judgemental and supportive environment.

Linda Parmar is a Certified Money Coach in long term recovery who has heard the global call to action for women to help other women heal. Her life in addiction led her to one of financial chaos and in recovery she learned that her substance abuse was just a symptom of the negative patterns and behaviours. She has worked in the financial industry for 17 years and put together many financial plans for customers only to discover that most of the time there was no follow through with the plans as there was no change in the behaviours and patterns that needed to be healed before they could be successful financially.

Come Back To Your Temple

with Jenelle Goudge

"Connection is our sole (soul) purpose. We inspire & support women of all ages & backgrounds to find hope, health & happiness in recovery." ~She Recovers

Date: Saturday, Oct 28, 2017
Time: 1-4pm
Location: 2820 Belmont Ave, Victoria, BC (Victoria School for Ideal Education, studio room)
Cost: $60

In a world that values the masculine over the feminine, doing over being, giving over receiving, and the head over the heart, we are out of balance. We are disconnected from the earth as well as our own bodies. I want to invite you through this workshop to begin to restore that balance by reminding you of the value of the feminine way of being, how sacred these vessels that we journey in are and show you how to care for our “temples” through the language that the body speaks – energy. I will teach you some simple exercises, techniques and tools that are quick enough to fit into our busy lives that can make a huge difference to our energy, health, vitality and wellbeing.

Jenelle Goudge has been fascinated by the world of energy medicine since adolescence and has studied in that realm for the past 17 years. She has taken a variety of courses from some amazingly gifted healers including Energy Medicine with Donna Eden, The Emotion Code with Dr. Bradley Nelson, Basic Energy System Healing and Vibrational Energy System Healing with Pat McCullagh. Her healing practice has been informed and guided by her own experience with early childhood trauma and journey of recovery and healing from the wounds it left.

The Ritual of Self Care

with Taryn Strong, RYT

"We understand that the practice of radical self-care is paramount to our well-being" ~She Recovers

Date: Saturday, Nov 4, 2017
Time: 1-4pm
Location: 2820 Belmont Ave, Victoria, BC (Victoria School for Ideal Education, studio room)
Cost: $60

Acts of self care vary from person to person. For some, self care may include a walk, taking a bath, reading a book, or a cup of a tea with a dear friend. In this workshop, Taryn will share her daily self care practices and rituals - yoga, meditation and the daily use of essential oils. Enjoy a yoga practice (beginner friendly/suitable for all levels) which will be designed to nourish your body, mind and spirit. The yoga class will be followed by an introduction to Taryn's favourite essential oils for recovery. She will explain the benefits of the oils and how she uses them. Taryn will also provide the sequence of poses to take with you for your home practice, as well as a gift of an oil for you to enjoy. You will leave the workshop feeling grounded, refreshed and inspired to make daily self care a priority.

Taryn Strong is grateful to be in recovery from drug addiction, self harm, disordered eating and codependency. Taryn was raised by recovering parents (Dawn is her mom) so recovery has been a part of her everyday life for a long time. She completed her 300 hour yoga teaching training program in her home town of Victoria, British Columbia in 2007 after falling in love with yogic philosophies and the power of transformation through the mind/body/spirit connection. Taryn received her “Yoga of Recovery” certification at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm and her “Yoga for Trauma” certification in 2014. She has since developed a unique “Yoga for Recovery” program which integrates yoga and meditation with spirituality and recovery principles from a wide variety of recovery pathways (including but not limited to the 12 step pathway). In addition to teaching yoga classes across Victoria and leading the Yoga for Recovery program for She Recovers Retreats, Taryn’s latest role is as the creator and artisan of She Recovers Malas.

Recover Your Voice

with Lisa Nixon, CPC, CPRC

"When we are ready, we recover out loud so that women who are struggling can find & join our tribe." ~She Recovers

Date: Saturday, Nov 18, 2017
Time: 1-4pm
Location: 2820 Belmont Ave, Victoria, BC (Victoria School for Ideal Education, studio room)
Cost: $60

Are you looking to cultivate courageous vulnerability? Do you yearn to recover out loud? Is it time to listen to the wisdom of your intuition? Are you looking for a community to authentically express yourself? Are you curious about utilizing the power of voice and sound for your recovery? This 3 hour educational and experiential workshop is designed to re­connect you with your truth and develop your ability to become an effective recovery activist by using self­expression and community building activities.
In this 3 hour workshop you will experience; the physics and science of healing with sound, the medicine of self expression in community,
a safe container to experience your own liberation, the opportunity to remove blocks to your power and confidence, your voice as a tool for moving stuck energy or trauma from the body, and the power of recovering out loud ­ to awaken, heal, and empower self & community.

Lisa Nixon is a vocalist, sound healing practitioner, and social activist from Victoria, BC. She is the co­founder of Sacred Recovery (, producer of Recovery Speaks ( and is a Certified Life & Recovery Coach (CPC, CPRC) with over a decade of experience working in the field of addiction recovery. She discovered the power of her own voice as a tool for transformation, and as a performing artist, and a facilitator of the workshop Recover Your Voice, she strongly believes in the healing power of self expression in community. She is passionate about recovering out loud, being a vehicle for social change, and sharing the science of sound healing.

About the workshops

~ These groups sessions will be limited in size (12-15 per workshop)
~ Once booked, you will be contacted for payment information (visa, mc, debit accepted)
~ Tea and a light snack will be offered at each workshop
~ You will be contacted via email prior to each workshop if there are any items you may need or want to bring
~ If the session sells out, please email me to be put on a waitlist
~ If you have any questions at all please email me at
~ Cancellation policy: more than 2 weeks prior to the workshop will be refunded, within 1 week of the workshop will be held as a credit towards another workshop, within 48 hours of the workshop will not be refunded or credited